Drowning In Books

Thanks to my parents (for purchasing the wood) and my sister and brother-in-law (for doing the craftwork and installation) Clare and I got to spend a couple of evenings this week emptying our two wardrobes, which have spent the last six months holding a few trees’ worth of books.

I haven’t got around to counting quite how many we have; it’s simply too many. It’s only by creative stacking that we’ve been able to put them all in place, so I’ve identified about twenty that will be given to a charity shop, so that we’ll have a little bit of space to hold the ones that will be undoubtedly purchased in the near future.

This is what our newly equipped office now looks like.

View From The Door
Above The Desk
Along The Length Of The Wall Between The Window & The Desk
Above The Alcove Where The Futon Is
What You See When Casting An Admiring Glance Over Your Shoulder When Leaving

We seem to be doing quite well for ourselves as far as the collection on language-related books goes :)

Lots Of Different Languages Represented Here!

Needless to say, we’re both very happy, and grateful to our family members who invested time, skill, and money into putting this together, whilst all we had to do in return is take our nephew to the zoo for a day, and fill him full of chocolate and biscuits. I’d say we (and he!) easily got the best end of the deal :)

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